Our Expertise


Awesome Features

Since our work is mainly remote support, we never have a shortage of skilled technicians available to assist in whatever your requirement are. We are not bound by distance or borders. We can assist you where ever you might be based.

Since we specialize in Linux we are able to offer "high end" robust solutions at very affordable rate.

We use OpenSource products which means you pay for the hardware and expertise, and not the software. Having said that, we do offer "paid for" software solutions too, should you require.

MicroSoft and other product

Although we focus on Linux based solution, we do partner with companies that offer the "more traditional" options, like MircoSoft based solutions. This way we can tailor a total solution based on your needs and budget


We also offer technical training and mentorship to your "in house" technicians so you can administer your own systems. We are quite happy to "train" ourselves out of your company, should you prefer to do your own support.


We specialize in remote support. All our Linux based solutions can be managed remotely. This means that we are never more than a whatapp, e-mail or phone call away.

We are also happy to do onsite support as required.

Additional Options

We can build and leave, build and stay, or just offer good old fashion "call us only when you need us to get you out of a pickle" support.